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Mechanics. Focusing on Quality not Quantity. So think way back to when you had your first PR in anything. For example when you did The lovely workout “Fran” and PR’d by 20 seconds. Or when you had a 1 rep max of 200lbs and then attempted it again a couple months later and hit 240lbs. Defiantly one of the best feelings in the world.

One thing that brings on the PR’s so fast especially for beginning CrossFitters is because of how fresh they are to the movements. It is a different stimulus than he body is used to. Going back to what we tell every new member in prep course. The foundation of learning movements start with Mechanics. The goes to Consistency. And last is Intensity. This is the quality part of training and why it works so well.

Slowing down a movement can give you time to think about what a coach is really saying to you like elbows up! Or break the bar in half. Stress on the muscle is good, not on the joints.

We see a lot of this when we do workouts for time. As soon as the clock goes, a lot of form goes out the door. Depending on the movement, we’ll loose midline stability. Or loose tension on the bar. Workouts then become lets just finish the bloody thing and things get out of control. Rather than having that happen, we need to remember the quality of work were putting in. You want to be fast and explosive, but also in control and try your best to put quality reps.

If anyone needs help with scaling or isn’t sure what to do for future works, ask a coach. We’re here to help you progress as athletes and as athletes outside the gym.





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12 minute EMOM


8 Deadlifts

4 Burpee Pull-Ups


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