Tuesday, July 10th




A) 4 Sets *Rest as needed between sets
10-15 Ring Push-Ups or Push-Ups
1 Minute Weighted Low Plank Hold

Score is heaviest weight held on plank.

B) For Time
3 Minute Max Calorie Row

-immediately into-

5 Rounds
7 Dumbbell Burpees 50/35
10 Box Jumps 24/20

-immediately into-

3 Minute Max Calorie Row

Theres two scores for this. Time for the 5 Rounds and total calorie combined. Place total calorie in the comments part.

622 Brief:

– Bring a Friend day is Thursday the 19th all day for all classes.
– Peter the Dietitian is rolling out this nutrition program this month! For scheduling reach out to one of the coaches or him personally to meet with him.