Tuesday, August 28th

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A) 5 Reps at 50%
3 Reps at 60%
3 Reps at 70%
2 Reps at 75%
2 Reps at 80%
1 Reps at 85%
1 Reps at 90%
Start trying to a hit a new max if possible!

*If you do not know your percentages, then just try and add something each set.

B) 5 Rounds
As Many Reps As Possible in 2 Minutes
12/9 Calorie Bike
8 Push Jerks 95/65
Max Burpees in remaining time..
*Rest 2 minute between sets

Score is total burpees combined.

Rx+ 135/95

622 Brief:

– New Olympic Lifting Cycle is starting on September 15th. Sign up list along with details at front desk.

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