True Form

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As many of you know, we recently got a ‪#‎trueform‬ for the gym. We haven’t been able to talk to everyone about this machine or what makes it different from other treadmills. One thing this machine can help you with is building the physiological development and/or building the foundation of becoming a good runner. Everyone has different flaws when they run. For example, one of my flaws was that I was running too much on the balls of my feet and not really touching my heels to the ground at all. With this flaw, I developed really bad shin splints and painfully tight calves. Since running on the #trueform it has forced me into a better position as I run. You can’t really run on the balls of your feet on this machine because you will notice your moving faster and not in control. There is no motor on this machine so you control the belt spinning. If you heel strike as a runner, it’s almost impossible to do so while running on this machine. Next time you come into class early and want to see where your running flaws are at, jump on the true form for about 5 minutes and see how long you last!





Performance & Fitness

20 Minute AMRAP

15 Clean & Jerks 95/65

1 minute rest

15 Clean & Jerks 115/75

1 minute rest

15 Clean & Jerks 135/85

1 minute rest

15 Clean & Jerks 155/95

1 minute rest

15 Clean & Jerks 175/105

1 minute rest

15 Clean & Jerks 195/115

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