The Snail

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Performance & Fitness

In 20 minutes build to a heavy front squat triple. 3,3,3,3,3


Performance & Fitness

“The Snail”

3 Sets
45 second GHD Supine Holds
60 second Banded Plank Hold
10 Weighted Strict Pull-Ups or 10 Dumbbell Bent over Rows

Rest as needed between sets.


622 Brief:

*Bring a friend day is this Thursday! Good for both classes CrossFit and UPLIFT. Tell everyone

– 1st) Alright you guys requested it so here it is.. “Secret Snowflake” will be Friday December 16th. It will be just like the Toys for Tots workout. We will have normal schedule all morning. At night 4pm and 6:30pm CrossFit and UPLIFT combined.
– 2nd) 622 Winter Social – ┬áDecember 17th @ Yardhouse in Town Square (7:30pm) Reservation list at front desk.
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