The CrossFit Open

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So I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about what the CrossFit open is. I’ve also been hearing a lot about why should I do this if Im going to come in last. Here’s a brief description about what it is and hopefully inspire some people out there to take part in this fitness event.

The Open schedule

February 25-29

March 3-7

March 10-14

March 17-21

March 24-28

The open is five workouts spread over a five week time period. The workout is released every Thursday at 5pm and have until the following Monday at 5pm to submit your score to me. What the open is its the first stage to being able to qualify for the CrossFit Games. The open has 17 different regions. We are in the Southwest region. The open is considered a competition, but we also use it as a tool to bring our community closer together. This is also the time of year where we see many people perform their first Snatch, Muscle Up, Handstand Push-Up etc. It also gives us coaches and you guys some interesting points on performance. What we struggle with and need to work on. For some people, shape new goals that they want to hit for the following year.

Now for the people that think there going to “shit the bed”. Only a small percentage of people do get past the open and then onto regionals and so on. I understand why people wouldn’t want to sign up. For one this event is worldwide. You represent the gym you put your blood sweat and tears in. The awesome thing is every gym can take part in the open. There are a lot of things we lack as far as programming at the gym. We have a large amount of people that can not do muscle ups. Or snatch body weight. The open allows me to see where we struggle and what were really good at. Another great thing about the open is that is allows you to track progress. Next time you do an open workout, did you beat your score? Did you struggle in certain areas? Or did you improve?

One thing I personally love is the open can be a nasty reality check if you’ve been just going through the motions in class. Or just trying to RX the workout for the sake of it saying RX next to your name. The take away from that is maybe you need to count your reps properly, maintaining the stimulus in the workouts, proper movement patterns, or even full range of motion.

Maybe your more competitive than you think. If you want to compete in local competitions, this will give you some insight on what it will be like. Even if your a complete beginner you can participate. Every workout will have a scaled option.

Lastly just take the open as a test to see all this hard work you’ve been doing paying off. It’s easy to make an excuse and not participate. Don’t be that person. So what if you can’t RX the workout. Everyone has the option to scale if they need to. Especially if you are a beginner. Think of the open as a way to see where your performance currently sits, and all the progress you can make for the following year. I promise you will be amazed!

In closing, Im proud of each and everyone of you. Everyone has been working hard at their fitness so why not show it off? If you have any further questions feel free to ask one of the coaches or myself.





Performance & Fitness

A) 2 Rounds for Total Reps

60 seconds Rope Climb

rest 30 seconds

60 seconds Push-Ups

rest 30 seconds

60 seconds Mountain Climbers

rest 30 seconds


Performance & Fitness

B) Accumulate 50-75 Banded Tricep Extensions

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