Eat real #food. Not to much of it. Most of it should be #plant based. If it grew out of the ground or had eyes. Think perimeter of grocery store.

We believe this because it’s sustainable and protective to #health#performance, and#aestheticallypleasing.

We play the role of the guide and you reap the benefits. #societynation #societyfitness



5-5: Moderate Weight
3-3: Moderate- Heavy
1-1: Moderate- Heavy+

*Goal is to build to a Moderate- Heavy single with no missed reps

3 Rounds for Time:
30 Single DB Front Squats 35/25
30 Up- Downs

Society Nation:

– Muscle Up Seminar Saturday August 17th with Coach Brittany and Cris. Start time 10am till 11:30am. Sign up list at the front desk. Limited to 20 people