Pt. 3

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So here it is! Part 3 to our muscle up breakdown! Last week was about getting your hips to the rings and flip through. This week is similar in the sense that we’ll be doing the same thing but without the band. And a couple more things sprinkled in.

So once you get your hips to the rings, the next major thing is the transition. The speed that your able to produce and how fast you can flip through the rings. Just think fast and aggressive.

Once you feel comfortable with step 2 and your able to produce the speed to flip through, we’re going to remove the band and you’ll place your feet on the ground. 

Now with this step three your legs are bent and feet planted to the floor. Now just like in step 2 your going to pull yourself to the rings and aggressively flip your shoulder through. Keep the feet on the ground during this drill. Next if you want to take it to the next level, place your feet on top of a box and repeat exactly what you just did for this step 3!

Final step is released next week! Stay tuned

Muscle Up Step 3

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