Pt. 1

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For this 1st of 4 parts, we’re going to be breaking down how to do ring muscle up. Every week will be a new skill to try and master for the next 4 weeks!

So as many of you know the ring muscle is one of the most technical moves in CrossFit. Do the best you can with these drills and you’ll defiantly come out better and closer to being able to get one.

For this step 1) were going to start with the kip swings. We’ve recently been doing a lot of kip swings in the warmup prior to doing lets say pull-ups for shoulder and lat activation. Once you have done the kip swing on the bar and have become sufficient at it, it’s time to try them on the rings. Body awareness and control do come into effect here, so observe where you body is moving through space.

There are two different grip approaches you can take while hanging from the rings.

False grip (pictured on the left). Place the inside of your wrist on the ring. Hang there in this position and get comfortable there. It’s going to be uncomfortable at first.

Next is a neutral grip (pictured on right). This grip you just grab onto the rings and hang.

When practicing your kip swings on the rings, do them with a neutral grip. If you have any questions about this part 1, ask one of the coaches before or after class.






Every 2 Minutes for 20 Minutes

4 Muscle Ups

13 Wall Balls 20/14


Every 2 Minutes for 20 Minutes

8 Jumping Pull-Ups

13 Wall Balls

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