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HI.. Happy Labor Day. I hope you all had an amazing weekend. Time to get back to the gym 🙂 I wanted to take this time to explain the approach to the programming here at CrossFit 622. First off I would like to thank the athletes that came in last week for our very first week ever as a gym. Now everyone who CrossFits is familiar with the ‘Open’. If not, the long and short of it is.. the open is the first stage to qualifying for the CrossFit games. We use this as a schedule builder here at the gym. Right after the “open” we go into a strength phase for about 4 months. So all that means is there will be a couple times a week you will do more strength workouts. But at the same time there will still be CrossFit workouts, just not as crazy intense. The 2nd phase we call our “Strengh-Skill Phase”. In this phase we are still building strength, but its not our primary focus. The focus of this phase is to start introducing gymnastics strength/skill into the equation along with the barbell strength. As well as our usual CrossFit workouts. Last but not least.. the “open” phase. Ah sound familiar. This particular phase is training the athletes for the open style workouts. Fast, short AMRAPS (as many rounds or reps as possible), quick movements, light weight. Just so everyone is clear, we’re not training everyone to become better competitors to compete in the CrossFit Games. We’re training everyone to become better athletes. Better and safer human movers. This particular training flow doesn’t make you a competitor. It makes you a better athletes. If you compete, then compete. If you just want to live a longer heather life, still.. by all means come in. CrossFit is for you. CrossFit is for everyone. Competing is not. I just want to give you all a brief inside on how the programming goes down here. See you soon!! 

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