Partner Delight



On a 12 Minute Running Clock.. Partner Up and build to a 5 Rep Max Deadlift. *Should be starting around 60% of 1 Rep Max

-immediately into-

On a 12 Minute Running Clock.. build to a 3 Rep Max Thruster. *Starting weight should be 60% of 1 Rep Max.

Partner Delight

Teams of 2:
2 Rounds for Time
200m Run
30 Air Squats
30 Up Downs

*Partner 1 completes a full round while partner 2 rests. Each partner completes 2 full rounds.


Society Nation:

– Yoga and Wine with Margaux Alvarez on Thursday the 18th from 6-8pm. That night only, there will be no 6pm CrossFit/Uplift or 7pm classes. Normal schedule rest of day.