• Alex Critcher Owner/Head Coach

    Alex is a former college football player and personal trainer who started CrossFit in 2011. Along with college football, Alex also played at the high school level in Boulder City, NV where he grew up and continues to coach football at Boulder City High School. Finding great interest in CrossFit and the CrossFit community, Alex completed his year long internship under Zach Forrest (owner at CrossFit Max Effort) and became a CrossFit coach. Zach Forrest was a strong influence and professional mentor to Alex, who was able to learn everything about coaching and CrossFit from. As Alex continued to coach and participate in CrossFit, Alex’s passion for sports and fitness expanded, leading him to open his own CrossFit box in 2014. Here he continues to remain active as one of CrossFit’s athletes/competitors, while running CrossFit 622 as owner/head coach and continuing to help people achieve their fitness goals.


    -CrossFit Level 1

    -CrossFit Level 2

    -CrossFit Football

    -CrossFit Competitors

    -CrossFit Mobility

    -USAW Sports Performance Coach


  • Breine Blake Coach

    As a child, Breine’s parents would put her into activities that she couldn’t “get hurt from” such as dance and theater. Being a natural tomboy, Bre always wanted to participate in activities that were challenging and competitive. It wasn’t until high school, when she ran Cross Country, that she found what she had been looking for and got the opportunity to experience the competitive/pain threshold. During this time, Bre also got into Bikini Fitness competition under NPC Bodybuilding. She has completed 9 NPC shows here in Nevada as well as California where she placed 2nd, 5th, and manage to consistently remain in the Top 10. Through competing, Bre continued to foster her love for fitness and discovered that she genuinely enjoyed helping people stay in shape and achieve optimum health. Bre went on to obtain her personal training certification with ISSA and has been a personal trainer since 2011. In 2013, Bre started her journey into the realm of CrossFit and hasn’t looked back since. With her passion for fitness and competition propelling her onward, Bre completed her CrossFit Level 1 in 2014. Breine shows no sign of slowing down as she strives to find that competitive edge and continues to help others reach their own versions of fitness.


    -CrossFit Level 1

    -CrossFit Kids

    -CrossFit Endurance


  • Michael Sullard Coach

    CrossFit grabbed my attention the first day I walked into a box. The WOD was running, deadlifts, and kettle bells. I had never been put through something intense. It was horrible…in a good way. When I finished, all I wanted to do was come back the next day to get my ass kicked again. With every WOD and PR came the want for more. When I say more, I don’t just mean CrossFit. I t’s the people who shared my new passion that I wanted to be around. For me, there is so much excitement in watching another athlete push themselves to their max. More than that…it’s seeing a community push themselves together. These are the determining factors that made me want to start coaching. I love knowledge and want to learn more in order to be the best person/athlete/coach that I can be. I understand that just because I like to be coached a certain way doesn’t mean that everyone likes that same way. Some people can be yelled at while others cannot. I want the athletes I coach to benefit from the knowledge and experience that I provide. All athletes deserve an equal amount of my time and energy. It’s my understanding that CrossFit is not just about fitness, health, and nutrition…but community. Somedays the athletes I train will hate me and somedays they’ll love me. It’s the combination of these days that teach me more about myself. I look forward to my journey as an athlete as well as a coach. I thank you for pointing me in the right direction and sharing your knowledge and experience with me to better help me with my goals.


    -CrossFit Level 1