Olympic Lifting & Women?

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Some of you might be saying “what is that and how can it help me?” Well it consists of two lifts: the clean & jerk and the snatch. A couple of reasons why women should consider Olympic lifting or (oly lifting) at your box or gym are as followed… It improves your bone health. That’s right! Medically speaking there is no denial of the benefits of oly lifting in rebuilding bones and preventing the existence of current bone loss. It will help improve your self confidence. These lifts can be a mental trip at times, but when women PR their lifts they have their moment of empowerment during that lift. Lastly… it improves overall fitness, meaning the 10 general skills that we strive to perfect in CrossFit. That includes- better coordination, body awareness (how your body is moving through space), and lastly- speed and power of how you perform future lifts and getting underneath the bar faster. Get to the bar girls (not for margaritas…maybe after!!)




Gymnastics Skill





3xME Hanging Leg Raises





EMOM 9min

4 Power Clean 135/95

4 Front Squats 135/95


EMOM 9min

4 DB Hang Power Clean

4 DB Front Squats

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