Monday, September 10th

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  • What Brought you to 622 in the first place?
I joined 622 because I wanted my daughters to gain a different perspective when it came to working out. I wanted to show them that there was more to working out than just swimming and dancing. After I joined 622, I was motivated by all of the women of the Uplift class.
  • What are your new goals?
My new goals are to be able to do strict pull-ups. Another important goal of mine is to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle, and to do that, I want to continue eating healthy and working out at 622. Also, I like our slogan, I want to “look better naked.”
  • What’s your favorite part about the 622 experience?
The motivation that the coaches that the coaches provide would have to be one of my favorite parts about 622. Not only are the coaches motivating, but the athletes that i’m surrounded by and have the opportunity to work out with motivates me to always do better. I think the absolute best part about 622 is being able to see Jaxson’s sweet happy face 🙂


A) 75% for 5 Reps
85% for 3 Reps
Heavy Single or New 1 Rep Max

B) Every 3 Minutes for 6 Sets
15/12 Calorie Bike or 12/10 Calorie Row
15 Pull-Ups
Max Thrusters in remaining time.. 95/65

Score is total thrusters.

Rx+ 135/95

622 Brief:

– New shirt pre order list is at the front desk.
– 4 Year Party is Saturday the 22nd at the gym. Start time is around 7:30pm

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