Monday, August 27th

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A) 65% 5 Reps
75% 5 Reps
85% Max Reps

*In between each set complete 20 Russian Twists with the heaviest Dumbbell you can. L+R= 1 rep.

B) For Time *15 minute cap
25 Pull-Ups
50 Calorie Row
100 Overhead Squats 45/35
50 Box Jumps 24/20
25 Pull-Ups

Rx+ 10 Muscle Ups in place of Pull-Ups.

622 Brief:

– We’re having a tasting for a new supplement line were bringing on this Tuesday from 4pm-7pm. (Revive Rx)
– New Olympic Lifting Cycle is starting on September 15th. Sign up list along with details at front desk.

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