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Mobilizing the Thoracic spine.

Something that I’ve noticed that a lot of our athletes have problems with is overhead positioning and mobility. Example, being able to pull the bar back in a snatch or overhead squat. One thing we’ve been trying to incorporate at the end of our classes with mobility is foam rolling the thoracic spine. The part on your back I’m always telling you guys to squeeze. (The shoulder blades).

The idea behind foam rolling the thoracic spine is to get more extension and efficiency with your lifts. It also plays a role with your shoulder girdle health.

When we try to rollout the thoracic, it’s doesn’t mean rolling up and down for a couple of minutes. We want to try and relax as we roll slow over those muscles. Rolling until we find a spot that hurts. Stay there for a couple of seconds and then move on up the thoracic. I once heard a coach call it “seek and destroy” because that’s what we’re doing with the soft tissue.

At the end of the day we can prevent less injuries with having a healthy and mobile thoracic spine. With that being said, get to rolling ?






Performance & Fitness

15 Minutes to find a 1RM Front Squat





EMOM 10 Minutes

8 Thrusters 95/65

4 Lateral Burpees


EMOM 10 Minutes

8 DB Thrusters

4 Burpees


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