Melissa M.

“I love the atmosphere, the coaches, the people. The coaching is constructive and inspiring.”

Richard R.

“I love the attention the coaches give to technique, the variation/challenge of the workouts and camaraderie amongst the members of the gym!”

Besi G.

“It’s been one year now since I found my happy place.”

Makey W.

“It’s always something different. The workouts are always fun and everyone is always cheering you on. I never have to feel self conscious about what I do when I’m here.”

Shylah K.

“What do I like about my gym- the sense of camaraderie, support, and excellent coaching. As one of the only gyms that offers a women’s class, Ive experienced increased friendships and general health.”

Hugo H.

“I’ve seen more improvement here than another place I’ve been to. We have the best equipment! The coaches aren’t just coaches, they’re friends.”

Tina B.

“It’s like a second home with family, community, and support. One of the best parts of my day is coming here! Once you start seeing results it becomes an addiction in a good way. “

Seth W.

“I like this place because of the people, positive energy, and feed back you get. I like seeing the results I get from training and good coaching.”

Michelle M.

“I’ve showed more improvement in my time here than just going to a regular gym. What keeps me motivated is knowing that I can do better than I did yesterday.”