Make Love Not War



Make Love Not War

4 Rounds for Max Reps
1 Minute) Calorie Row
1 Minute) Handstand Push-Ups or Dumbbell Strict Press
1 Minute) Box Jumps 24/20
1 Minute) Hang Dumbbell or Kettlebell Power Cleans 50-53/35
1 Minute) Max Rest

SIM Training:
Every Minute on the Minute for 6 Minutes
Minute 1) 8-10 Chin Ups
Minute 2) 20 Alt. Dumbbell Curls
Minute 3) 15 Ring Rows

Society Nation:

– Free Friends and Family week is starting next week until friday!!
– Detail about our first gym Nutrition Challenge is starting April 1st. Sign up list at front desk.