In a 20 minute window partner up and complete the following. You should be shooting for 4-5 Sets with 2 minutes rest between sets.

50% of your 1 Rep Max or what feels like 50% today. Complete max reps to failure. If you rest more than 1sec. at the top the set is over. Looking for nonstop movement. This will be taken from the floor so the first rep can be a squat clean.

-immediately into-

Max Rep Heavy Glute Bridges. *Use a heavy kettlebell or dumbbell.


As Many Reps As Possible in 9 Minutes
3 Squat Cleans 95/65
50 Ft. Shuttle Run
6 Squat Cleans 95/65
50 Ft. Shuttle Run
9 Squat Cleans 95/65
50 Ft. Shuttle Runs
continue climbing ladder and adding 3 reps each set.

Society Nation:
– 3rd annual In House competition will be Saturday January 19th. You guys voted and it’s teams of 2: Girl-Boy. Pick your squad. Sign up list is at front desk! Sponsors and prizes will be announced closer to date.