Farmer Carries

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Performance & Fitness

5-5-5 of Back Squat

*15 minutes to build. Go up 2.5 or 5 pounds from last week!


3,3,3 of Front Squat

*10 minutes to build to a heavy front squat triple


Performance & Fitness

2 Rounds *Each for Time

200m Farmer Carries *As heavy as possible

You choose the weight, should be something they can carry the entire distance the first time around. Rest as needed between efforts.



622 Brief:

– November 12th is the Recycled  Run 5k at equestrian park south. The 5k begins at 8:10am. To register go to (Only $35)

– Friday November 18th @ 6:30pm all members including UPLIFT are invited to a toys for tots workout. Please bring one toy for the donation box. The Toys for Tots box will be available throughout the month of November until December 8th.

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