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How many times have you woke up and said “today I just don’t feel like working out” or “my day has been a complete mess and I just don’t have time”? We all face these obstacles but it’s the decisions we make that can either make or break us. It’s consistency, hard work, and a whole bunch of struggle that makes an athlete strong. That’s why our athlete of the week is Derek Mclain by definition. He’s a student, a chemist, a traveler, and a hard working athlete that shows up regardless of how tired or bad his day was. What’s your excuse?


Derek Mclain







EMOM 16min

Min 1) 8 Hang Power Clean 155/105

Min 2) 10 CTB Pull-Ups



EMOM 16min

Min 1) 8 Hang Power Clean

Min 2) 10 Jumping Pull-Ups


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