Athlete of the Week

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This weeks athlete of the week is Michelle!! Michelle just started CrossFit a little over a month ago. She is a very special girl and can go a long way in this sport. She learned how to do double unders and power snatch all in her first week here. Her gymnastics skills are coming together rather quickly and she’s progressing in her lifts every week. One quality that stands out for Michelle is her competitiveness. She pushes through everything, easy or hard! Good job Michelle. Keep up the good work!




Gymnastics Strength

10 Minutes to do 2x ME Push-Ups

*Rest 3-4 minutes b/t sets



Performance & Fitness

10min AMRAP (Partner WOD)

9 Floor Press 135/95

11 Deadlifts 135/95

100m Sprint

*One partner works at a time

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