Athlete of the Week!

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For this weeks honers of Athlete of the Week we chose Brigette Foti. She’s been our longest member since we opened our doors. She has been committed to coming into the gym 2-3 times a week and very rarely ever misses a day. Her consistency has gotten her a lot stronger from when she first started. To not really being able to deadlift 50 pounds and now has over a 100 pound deadlift. She is a fiesty little lady and questions the workout from time to time but always puts in the work. Always striving to make herself better! Good job Brigette



Gymnastics Skill


30 Pull-Ups *No more than 5 reps and short breaks


20/20 Jumping Pull-Ups + COS Pull Downs



Performance & Fitness

As Many Reps As Possible

Min 1) ME Deadlifts 185/125

60sec. rest

Min 2) ME Double Unders

60sec. rest

Min 3) ME Ab Mat Sit-Ups

60sec. rest

Min 4) ME Front Squats 135/95


Min 5) ME Roll to Candlestick

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