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This weeks ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Hugo!… @hugoh_ relentless persistence in checking into the gym has not gone unnoticed. Most of the time he is in here trying to PR something new, but he is also diving into new waters as he attacks the conditioning part of workouts. “Cardio” has been like a foreign language to him for a while. Over the past few weeks he has been working hard at making it a part of his vocabulary (while he huffs and puffs!). His schedule does limit his energy levels at times and he’s forced to come in at times when he should be sleeping, but he still pushes through.. Most of the time Hugo has earned our athlete of the week! Keep up the hard work.




Gymnastics Skill


3x 60sec. rest b/t sets

5 Pull-Ups *Practice cycling


3x 60sec. rest b/t sets

8 Ring Rows + 8 COS Reverse Flys



Performance & Fitness

As Many Reps As Possible

Min 1) ME DB Thrusters 45/25

60sec rest

Min 2) ME TTB

60sec. rest

Min 3) ME Cal Row

60sec. rest

Min 4) ME Burpees



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