Athlete of the Week!!

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Athlete of the Week: Howard! He came to us a couple of months ago wanting to lose weight, get healthier, increase his energy levels, and to better his all around fitness. At first he was not able to complete his rowing workouts, could barely jump rope, and couldn’t even hit parallel in his squats. Now he is able to keep up in cardio workouts, he can do 5 jump ropes in a row, and can almost do a 20‘ box jump. The best part of all of this is he is finally starting to feel his energy levels change. He is losing weight at a healthy rate instead of crash diets he’s followed in the past. Through practice and patience he has become more flexible to where he can stretch himself into different positions unlike before. Howard has earned athlete of the week!! Good job buddy!






Performance & Fitness

3-3-3-3-3 of Push Press




Performance & Fitness

2 Rounds for Total Time

100m OH KB Carries

2min Plank Hold

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