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Athlete of the Week: Cece aka Beyoncé!! Cece has been a member of the Uplift class since it started and has made huge strides towards becoming a stronger women. She is always smiling and laughing no matter how hard the class is (she actually prefers to have her butt kicked) and motivating the other girls to work just as hard. Cece came in with a goal to be able to lift the huge serving trays at work all by herself. She has not only overcome that, but now her coworkers are inspired by her hard work! You amaze us everyday Ms. Cece. Congrats!!!





Accessory Work

Performance & Fitness

400m Front Rack Kettlebell Carry 53/35



Performance & Fitness

Partner WOD

For Time

100 Box Jumps 24/20 *Every jump must be synced together

800m Run

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