Active Recovery

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Hi all! So I have been talking to you guys about how the programming is structured here. One thing that I haven’t really touched on is active recovery days. What active recovery days are is basically doing any type of activity (as long as its not to strenuous) and letting your muscles move around apposed to just sitting on the couch or sitting at a desk. Remember that next time your sore. Go move around. Now that does not mean you can’t have one day where you just lounge around and do nothing. Those are full on recovery days. Break up the two different types of recovery how every you see fit and works well with you body. If you guys have any questions about what you should do on these days come see me before or after class. See you all tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚




For 20min practice getting up into a handstand. Partner handstands



For time..

2k Row

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